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Friday, January 13, 2006


*grins from ear to ear. No pics today because im FAR FAR too lazy to take pictures of my stuffs.

Some terrific friend of mine had sms me early in the morning at 6.57am. Which had woken me up after a 3 hours sleep. ( i slept at 4am). And as i went back to my sleep, miss joa sms me at 10.25am stating "115?"

Thus i had woke up and couldn't resume my rest.
Headed out to meet her soon after for our CNY clothes shopping at Bugis. FRUITFUL DAY. VERY fruitful indeed.

I had for once, finish buying ALL(2 sets) of my CNY clothes in one shopping trip.

What i bought today(in chronological order).

1 Purple polo-t top.
1 non-denim olive green skirt.(CNY)
3 pairs of earrings.(CNY)
1 necklace.(CNY)
1 pair of jeans (CNY)
1 black lacey top (CNY)
1 red polo-t top(CNY)

On top of that, i had also finally found a black tote bag for joa to buy for me. So to add on to my list, i now have
1 black tote bag.


Miss Joa didnt return home empty handed as well. She had bought a white skirt (one she can play with) and a pair of jeans( I had chose it for her).

She had search high and low for a pair of light-colored jeans of her size but to no avail. And in search of a nice top to match her CNY skirt. While trying the top in the fitting room, I sprang into action and found this PERFECT pair of jeans of her waist size for her to try on.

Thank god, it fitted nicely and it made her butt look NICE. =) Sharmain is such a genius. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA needless to say, she bought it immediately. No hesistation mind you. That's wad u get after knowing a friend for so long. Even the salesgirl was telling her " your friend just picked out this jeans and knew it was right for you."

Im on cloud nine. =) Shopping makes me happy. If i could, i would probably have bought shoes as well, but since my sister is now in m'sia, and she MIGHT be buying shoes for me, i'd give it a miss for now.

And if u did read carefully, i had bought MORE accessories. LOL the amount of money i spent on the 3 earrings and necklace is equivalent to the price of joa's CNY white skirt. =) a whooping $22.

I wanna wear my new clothes so much. The temptation is SOOO hard to resist. Can someone please gimme more money so that i can do more shopping. Oh and did i mention how MUCH i love my new bag. =) with front compartment,black color, and its approved by JOA. *kisses joa.

Walked from Bugis to Suntec for a lil short chilling session at Coffee Bean where i paid for our cakes and drinks. =) we are the tai-tai(s) to be... Watch out on us.. MUAHAHAHAHA

Headed home soon after. If joa didnt rushed me, i bet i would have bought something from VNC. On impulse, on pure likeness, wadever shit i can think of, i would have used, BUT i didnt wanna make joa wait, so HOME WE HEAD.

And did i mention how CRUDE she can be. Talking about disgusting things while we're eating. Like wad if u sneeze when you are g***** a b******. EWWWWWWWWWW

Or describing about how she once choked on her soup and her rice came out of her nostrils and going in depth about it and blah blah blah....

BUT I LOVE HER. i love shopping sessions.

Work tmr, i so wanna wear my new clothes. *whines and growls

Oh, and guys if you all love the song Luxurious by Gwen Stefanie, please go ahead and download the song SORRY by Madonna. It's equally old-school as well. =)

CIAO. need to drool over my new stuffs....

Lead me the way
To eternity

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