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Friday, January 06, 2006

Lunched out with the lil one. Had our dosage of gossips and story-telling.

Man, the past week has indeed been a blast. Special thanks to joa and imms who's been giving me the encouragement. Kinda surprising but i do appreciate it. =)

Headed straight to Sim Lim Square to get the thumb drive and the RS-MMC cards. I suggest bringing a piece of paper and pen the next time im going to visit SLS. Cause i went round and round a couple of times looking for the same shop to get the thumb drive.

No, the thumb drive is not for me. And neither is the MMC cards. =)
Dad's been pretty nice. Asked if im sick and asked to take me to the docs. But ive already seen the doc. Hope my cough recovers when my medication is done.

Went for our lil shopping at bugis and we got this.

Image hosted by

3 of which is mine. =)

My family was commenting that i spent money on getting myself a GUESS? watch. But i hardly wear it.

Go to work, wear such expensive watch for wad. Wear cheap cheap ones can already wad. Later i spill the drinks/food onto my hand, den dirty my watch. Or knock here knock there, spoil my watch how. It doesnt cost 10 dollars k. Its more den 10times that price.

Lunched at V8 cafe and the food was absolutely, outrageously terrible. Okays, not that bad.

The hot chocolate tasted the worst! If it tasted like milo, it wouldnt have been that bad. It tasted like, wait a min, i cant even describe how does it taste like. Like 1 portion of chocolate powder with 10 portion of water?

DAMN. The corn soup definitely tasted much better den Delifrance's. The medium done steak was fine. The calamari and wedges tasted fine. The cakes were so-so.


Oh and joa gave me a red polo t as XMAS present while the 2 watches i bought for her were the XMAS presents.

No pink. BUT RED. =) And im still deciding between that dirty pink or gold colored heels. any suggestions?

I need new black heels.
I cant wait to get my lockers.

den i dont have to carry my stuffs to and fro everyday. and i can shower at work too...

*jumps around.

OH, and from onwards, i shall be named as EMPRESS DOWAGER. since everybody calls themself PRINCESS. and im MUCH MUCH MUCH more spoilt and stubborn and persistent. shouldn't i be of higher status.

and yes joa was the one who gave it to me.
U guys havent seen me at my worse. *laughs
And only a handful knows how low i stoop to, to get wad i want, to make sure i get wad i want. To make people gimme wad i want.

*evil laughter. Not to mention how stubborn i can get. wahahahahaha
Im not as simple as u think i am. BUT i am not a money grabber.

*dances away.

i live my life among royalties.
and not even YOU
can take it away from me.

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