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Sunday, January 08, 2006

wad goes around, comes around.
wad goes up, must come down.

Do i believe in its existence? sad to say, i DO? as much as id love to keep my problems at bay, i cant. Their frequency of re-surfacing and popping into my brain is totally unavoidable. I finally realised wad was the "fantasy" my colleague was talking about last night.

DUDE, its not THAT kinda fantasy. =)

I hate it when i lose something. IF im not wrong. i had conveniently lost my Swipe card. FUCK. now i have to pay money for it. AND I DONT EVEN KNOW I LOST IT until i came home last night to check my jean's pockets and realised "AYE ITS NOT THERE"

I'm beginning to hate her presence. Im beginning to find her really irritating. It's as though she's trying to take away WHAT's mine. It's as though she wanna makes it seems like she's the one rather den me. FUCK U BITCH.

U wanna play this game which belongs to ME? Try me. Sad to say, i dont even think this dear friend of mine, realised how nasty i can turn. I bite. I REALLY DO. and i bite hard.

P/S its not miss E.

its someone else. If somehow, sadly, u manage to read this blog. LOL and somehow u can UNDERSTAND WAD IM TALKIN ABOUT(which i dont suppose so cause ur english is not that good). u hear this straight from me(my blog) "I HAVE THE UPPER HAND. So back off, before i make things turn nasty."

DAMN, im such an evil bitch. IM THE empress dowager, the mother of the emperor. I only listen to one and none else. SO WAD ARE U GONNA DO?

I hate it when girls have to bitch it out. Fight it out. It's just so bitchy. But hey, guys enjoy seeing girls bitch dont they.

ONE DAY, when the time is ripe. I MIGHT, read this MIGHT just spill it all out...

Till then, more bitchings from ME. =)
Joa i love you. *muacks

u dont know
what's behind my smile

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