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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Im really REALLY bored right now. Cause i had a short 3.5hours of nap in the afternoon and right now, i cant SLEEP.

it just so happened that i was surfing blogs. And i was reading some entries and there's this entry about Sex Do(s) and Dont(s).

Thus, i decided to flip out my Dec'04 issue of CLEO mag. The issue where it says "u should rip this out and leave it lying around for him to read."


so here's the Do(s) and Dont(s) taken from the mag. I know some of you(guys) cant possibly go to a newstand and buy CLEO mag right. LOL
start thanking me. HURRY. =) okok, u can thank later.

Do(s) :
O Foreplay. Lots of it. From cuddling to kissing to stroking. Every move counts.
O Stand by some lubrication. Better to be safe den sorry.
O Tell her, how turned on she has made you. =)
O Keep the amount of alcohol under control. U wont want her to think that u are trying to drunk-fuck her. Or that u are sleeping her cause u got drunk
O Discuss about how intimate the relationship can go into.
O Remember to cuddle up after the job. No harm done right?
O Bear in mind that when girls are not in the mood. No amount of begging or whinning will change her mind.

Dont(s) :
X Go straight for the hole.
X Use "other alternatives" as lubrication. I mean slippery alternatives like cooking oil.
X Use crude words like say " u like my big cock dont you" *sighs
X Go down on a girl after u just had some lozenges.
X Suggest that u use vegetable-alternatives to shag her instead.
X Leave her alone and make her lie there while u turn on the telly instead.

THERE U GO. if u guys need the issue, dont hesistant to ask me for it.
And of cuz i re-phrase some of the sentences.
Took out some of the pointers cause i simply dont understand. LOL

There u go. =) Turn urself into a sex-legend now. MUAHAHAHAHA

This entry is solely dedicated to cure my boredom. No pun intended.
However in any case, u decide to hunt down this issue of magazine by yourself cause u are too paiseh to ask me for it. LOL it has 4 full pages of tips etc...
The cover is CYAN color and has hillary duff on the front. It's the december 2004 issue.


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