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Friday, January 27, 2006

omg i need to do a facial mask. =)

i bathed and was preparing to put my concealer when i looked at myself in the mirror and screamed.
MORE THAN 5 newly grown pimples.
nonono i didnt meet hans so its not chicken pox...

I used sOOOOooooo much of my already very pathetic concealer. i had to resort to using a brush to dig out my concealer now...=(
and i had to cover up the stupid pimples...OMG...
my face never felt so "made-up" before...

Anyways, i was made cried at work. Cause Im scared of roaches you see, and Francis knew it and he started to play around. He caught a real cockroach last night and threw it at me. Thank God for my fast reaction and i managed to ran away...

Subsequently, he kept making a joke out of it and throwing rubbish down my back pretending its a roach. And today, he did it again, making it seemed so real i burst out laughing.

My fear for roaches is not just being scared. Calling it scared would be an understatement. It's a phobia. My tears just flowed... And i was screaming and untucking my uniform and moving around...
In the end, i sat down in a corner and cried...
People thought i was exaggerating. FUCK U. i was shivering and trembling.
I was traumatised. I started spacing out and continued to tremble.

SO PLEASE, dont ever play such pranks on me. Nonetheless, i forgave francis. He didnt knew i was that scared and that it freaked me out so much.

LESSON LEARNT : dont ever frighten sharmain. She has a weak heart. =)


Its getting nearer and nearer
as the seconds tick away.

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