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Monday, January 09, 2006

Im finally home after being out for almost 24 hours.

Work was pretty fine. Relatively slack and empty. So much so that for the 1st time, they asked me if i wanna go home early. But, being the lazy me and seeing that business is SOOOOO slack, why wont i mind staying longer and earn money for SLACKING?

Business was sooooooooooooo quiet(partly cause of the terrible rain) that i even had time to..........

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Eventually, we finished all our work at 1130. That's 2.5hrs to spare before the stupid transport comes. And i had an early supper/late dinner at 1030 cause i was SOOOOO hungry. That was my 1st meal of the day mind you. =)

Sat around to chit chat. And then imms called me. *THANK GOD...
otherwise i would have died of boredom.

Chit-Chatted while waiting for time to pass by. And then imms said "she wanna supper" while i said " i have a craving for prata"

Thus, seeing that its almost 1am. And that Ramesh had clocked out for us. I agreed to cabbing down to hougang and meet her for supper. =)

Left pretty soon after and joined imms and her brother. Massive bitching and crapping and talking cock`ness. Her bro's a real nice fella though. LOL
and he's an "OLD MAN". muahahahahahaha okay la..not old. MATURE. yea that's the word to use.

=) i like mature men. *grins and lick lips.

Anyways, let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

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we're blur. the pic's blur.

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The brother. Did i say he was so gentlemanly. He paid for our supper. =)

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Late night suppering.

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One of our multiple desperate attempts to take picture with her bro's car under the terribly terrible lighting.

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Not to mention acting cute.

Headed over to her place after supper for more slackation. Chit chatted and tv`ed all the way till 5am before we finally grab some sleep.

I had a mere 2 hour nap and i woke up at 7am cause the sun WAS SO BRIGHT... lol
looked at the princess sleep for another hour before she finally wakes up and tries to knock me back to LALAland but failed.

Breakfast with her mom and more TV`ing before i finally decided its time to leave. GOSH. (almost)24 hours with my contact lens on. no wonder my eyes were tired like shit.

Weather's been really foul. Good weather to sleep in. Its now 1pm Monday afternoon. Nice weather to sleep in. I haven had a good night sleep ('cept for that 2 hour nap) and i am not sleeping?

None realised i didnt even return home till i came home. Well, its 1130am, that's why they knew. If it was 8am. Bet none would even realised i had only return home that morning. =)

Currently feeling VERY awake. MY eyes are like WIDEEEE open. Might be heading out later depending on my phone. (Sms/phone calls).

Major planning in progress. Actually, my girls have worked out my plan already. It's making my moves now. Wait, ive already started and embarked on my plan. =) HURRAYS.

Couple of pics from my Billy Bombing day with joa at Orch.

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Toilet reflections. The big and the small.

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SMILE. its our 7 years of friendship. CHEERS!

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Walking in the rain with my "auto" umbrella is a good experience. =)

And one last pic of myself before i go and roll on my nice comfy bed.

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u wanna play my game.
u will play by my rules.

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