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Sunday, January 15, 2006

If you wanna improve your human relations.


This has been wad i believe, to be the cause of my better human relations in the past 3 months. I was with joa on friday, when i heard a report which says that RED and PURPLE color brings better human relations.

I didnt get to hear about the rest of the colours, so dont bother asking me. =)

If that really is the case, i guess everything just fits perfectly. =)
Sometimes i love being a girl. Sometimes i hate being one.

Training today was short and simple. Glassware training, with lots of nonsense crapping. I look forward to the next training session with the bar manager. COCKTAILS tasting. YUM YUM.=)

Work's fine, slackation cause ive been posted indoors. FINALLY, after 1 mth of work, im back to where i started.

Had beer at night before taking the transport. Reckon i drank half a jug. Not much, but i had initially wanted only one GLASS. MUAHAHAHAHA
i wonder if its just me, or does drinking beer makes u wanna pee more often.

In a short span of 1 hour, i wanted to pee(urgently) 3 times. LOL
and Jason tot i was drunk, cause i looked different after my dosage of alcochol. I look red, and different and i look drunk. BUT IM MORE SOBER den anything. Otherwise, how i even manage to type out this entry.


I WANT THE SECRET POTION from red earth. Can someone get it for me please............

Im wondering when will my sister return from malaysia. I WANNA KNOW IF SHE BOUGHT ANY SHOES FOR MEEEEEeeee... =)

oh feb is coming soon. DAMN

J & A already got themselves a V-day date. BUT I GOT NONE. =(
CANNOT LA.... i already spent my so many years not having a proper V-day date... CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ASK ME OUT AS THEIR VALENTINE on 14th feb. PLEASE. even if its in the late morning-afternoon for a V-day lunch/movie.

I reckon i'd be workin on V-day cause its a tuesday.

I WAN A VALENTINE ON VALENTINE's DAY THIS YEAR. can someone make my wish come true.......



YOU are my addiction.

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