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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


muahahahahaha. but i hope tmr wont be too late for me to tell Karun. LOL =)
And i have decided to bring my book to work so that i can read after work. And i will use my "CHARM" bookmark. The one that i bought from paper people.

TO-BUY(s) list:

- Organiser.
- New Year Clothes.
- Contact Lens
- Red Earth's Secret Potion
- MAC concealer
- The Chronicles of Narnia's series
- Panasonic Handphone
- Lingerie

I need a sugardaddy. One who would gimme weekly/monthly/whenever-i-ask-for-it allowance. Or just someone who is kind enough to get me wadever i want when i ask for it.
BUT i am not a money-grabber.
I do NOT lead men by the nose and manipulate them.

In actual fact if u still dont realise. I pay for my own stuffs and i DONT make men pay for me. Even if its a 1st date or they asked me out or even if they volunteered. On VERY FEW occasions would men pay for me. =)

Not even if we take a cab and they send me home before they head home. I'd pay them the taxi fare to my place. =)
That's how nice i am okay.So dont u say im a GOLD-DIGGER or MONEY SUCKER.
u wan evidence, ask hans. =)

I'm not rich. My family's not well off. I work to earn my own money. I dont get allowance when im not studying. Everything is being paid by MYSELF right now. At this moment in time, my handphone bills, my transport fee, my food, my shopping trips. It's all paid by myself.

And u think i was a spoilt brat? I AM spoilt. BUT, i dont act spoilt. I dont act like a brat that opens and stretches her arms out for money. My close friends should know i am capable of doing that. Just that i have refused to do such things anymore.

There was once a saying, the describes me SOOO well...

ps : does it still apply to me now?

I love my daddy.
Cabbing is addictive. Someone please slap me and tell me there is something in singapore called MRT.
FUCK, but cab rides are sweettttttttttttt....

More crapping tomorrow. Right now, i need to update my links. WAHAHAHAH

I need to
feel your touch
hear your voice
sense your love

its an everyday affair.

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