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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


as much as i know how people want my natural straight until look like rebonded hair, i seriously dont like mine.

because of its straightness, it makes my hair FLAT. its so FLAT i have to keep messing it up to create "VOLUME"....

i cannot afford to wet my hair, because it makes it even flatter den it already is. Anybody has any good remedy to volumnize your hair without blow-drying it. Blow drying causes split ends, so NO-NO.

and i haven't do my red(purple)-color highlights. and my nails are not long enough to do a nice manicure.
and my hair is not long enough for me to iron-curl it for CNY.
omg omg, i wont look pretty on CNY. HOW HOW...

and im dozing off while typing this nonsense....
I shall start reading again.... =)


you held my hand
and took me through
the darkest times...
i love you

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