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Friday, January 06, 2006


back from work. Didnt take the transport today cause my colleague sent me home. =) They happened to wanna go to JB and since my house is SO NEAR to the causeway link. MIGHT AS WELL RIGHT?? Thanks Travers, though i dont think u will see this anyway. HAHAHA

Though i didnt reach home exceptionally early. They had to send William home(jurong west), den go down to Edward's place ( bukit batok) before sending me home.

I reached home like
*time check

BUT at the very least, i didnt have to sit inside the bumpy transport filled with people that i dont communicate with. =)

The guys were nice to invite me over to JB as well. But im farrrrr too lazy. Furthermore i'm meeting up with Joa for lunch later on. =)

And i finally did some catching up with immelia. Havent met her, but kept her updated via phone call. Well, she has to know wad's been going on dont she. =)

And she did gave me terrific advice. One that i never thought about. Thanks girl.
Off for the next 2 days. Still considering if i should work on saturday. If i have nobody asking me out on saturday by tmr, i guess, i'd just replace Edward and head down to work den.

More work = More money

And my fan's gone mad. Now i have to sleep with the stupid dumb air con on. Im not much of an air-con person. Unless the weather is really WARM. but the weather's been nice and cooling.

I WANNA STUDY ASTRONOMY!!! It's a really starry starry night. =)
Sorry if my blog entries bore you.
I cant be bothered to update much about my life, nor go into details about funny and interesting stuffs that's been happening.


You are the light of my life.

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