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Monday, January 02, 2006

Do u remember, how its like when u get really lucky, and everything just seems to turn out the way u want it to.

Everything just goes smoothly and nicely.
As though u had drank that "LUCKY"(i cant rmbr the name) potion from Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince.

Well, that's how im feeling right now. =)

Had a carb-filled dinner that tasted like shit. Remind me never to eat this Mix-Grilled Set from Billy Bombers again.

The lamb was disgusting. The chicken had too much BBQ sauce. The jumbo hotdog was too chewy. The potato salad was.. Potato salad was fine. The bacon was saltish( i know bacons are always saltish). The veggies were utterly inedible. The egg was fine as well. The cheese fries were more like Strips of potatos(wedges) with nacho's cheese.

But the company was fine. Exchanged the juicy stories with each other.

OMG. its my 7th year of friendship with the lil one.
When we were 13,
she was a dork.
I was a goody-loud-talkative monitress.


*shakes head

I lost another 2kg. And my favourites skirts are all falling off my ass. If this continue, i think i can drop another dress size.

My medication is making me drowsy.
i look forward to working everyday. =)

you can make me whole again.

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