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Saturday, January 21, 2006

DAMN. im bushed.

Met up with J and got some lingerie shopping done. =) Poor girl, the tailor said the earliest she can get the bag would be sometime around CNY which is one week's time. If she want it early, it'd be the UGLY plastic zip. *rolls around in laughter.

And the bag looked............. i shall be nice and not comment. We differ in our tastes towards bag. That sounded much better.

Headed out for some lunching at Sakae. Didnt wanna lunch over at Sakae at 1st cause i wasn't in the mood for sushi, and this dear girl of mine said "u dont have to eat sushi at sakae wad".
And upon deciding that we shall eat at Sakae, she regretted making such a suggestion/comment.

Did i mention she's my best friend. *laughs

Caught the movie "memoirs of a geisha". Not too bad i must say. YES LA GONGLI VERY PRETTY LA.. Though her character was an evil bitch...but she is pretty... Like i told J, ZZY looked too CHINESE to be a japanese whereas gongli looked asian. Thus, she looked more japanized(is there such a word?)

Not too bad a movie i must say. Gotta read finish the book before commenting on the movie.

Slacked a lil at Mos Burger and gossiped... Girls never stop gossiping just like guys never stop _____________(fill in with your favourite hobby)

Parted soon after and i made my way down town for some ME time. Chilling out and reading as i sip on drinks. Seated myself at a bar and started reading MEMOIRS of a GEISHA.

Had a lil cocktail and martini to quench my thirst. Wrote some poems here and there. Took some time to think about my life and problems...It's always good to be alone for a lil while, sipping on a glass of drink, Micheal Buble in the background singing and u just try to sort out your thoughts..Perfect ambience. =)

Left after a 3 hours self-slackation and waited for M to joined me. Walked around a lil. Strolled around. We both just couldnt decide on wad to do and where to head off at 10pm.

Called up some friends to ask where to head off but the choices werent exactly very promising. Sorry Qi for waking you up. But we did walk in the direction of esplanade though... =)

Walked all the way to City Hall before finally deciding on catching a movie. Yes 2 movies in 24 hours. It's not something NEW anyway. =)

Trained down to somerset and caught "Heirloom". HORROR MOVIES NEVER MAKE SENSE TO ME ANYWAY.
Thank God for the english subtitles... It's a chinese movie you see... And i tend to always read subtitles be it english or chinese or wadever other language it is spoken in. =)

Lucky M was nice enough to not blame me for choosing a Chi film. LOL then again, Return of MaeNak is sold out and we had no interest in other movies or rather M only prefers to watch horror movies.

TIMID SHARMAIN does not like to watch horror films... =)

M sent me to the cab when im supposed to stay till the NR comes. OH and i have no idea wad NR comes to woodlands. I heard its NR 2? ISZIT? sorry i have NEVER taken a nightrider before at all. =)

So now im home safe and sound.
Slacking and typing this entry while im surfing friendster and other blogs.

And soon, i will knock myself out and

What lies ahead.
I cant say it for sure anymore.
For as the time goes by
It gets blurrer
Let the mist
only fog up my sight.
and not my future.

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