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Monday, January 30, 2006

"Chinese New Year not so fun...
Everyday sit down eat bak gua..."

I think that's how the lyrics goes from the Don&Drew show CNY song. LOL

Like ive said... im gonna make sure i look pretty..And i woke up and found my pimples diminishing...

And den, i proceeded on to disturbing my entire family such that they will wake up and prepare.
My dad looked like a GOLFER today. HE was wearing this stripped polo shirt with dark colored checkered pants. Tucked in and his black leather shoes. All he needs now is a golfer cap to complete his look.

I looked at him, laughed and den i laugh somemore.

He's my daddy. Oh the ang bao money he gave me, is lesser den that of my mom's. MUAHAHAHAHAH i shall not think too much about it. He's been my financial support for the past going-on-to 19 years.

Everybody rushed me to be the 1st to start preparing. Of cuz my baby niece was already done at that time. =)

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she looks like one big ang bao. LOL

quickly bath and started getting dressed. For your info, my dress code was casual. Wearing only a pair of jeans and a normal polo-t top.

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Im counting on my make up and hairdo to look pretty today. I dont see the need to dress up to the nines to look pretty. I dress up every now and then anyway. =)

I was done while others had only started preparing. And thus i started photowhoring. HEE

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Waited and waited.... Couldnt tahan anymore. touched up on my make up every 10 mins. Curling my lashes, dabbing on my eyeshadow.

Talking about eyeshadow, my theme color for today was supposed to be reddish-brown. HOWEVER i couldnt find my brown eye-shadow. *upsets
THANK GOD i got GOLD color i used gold eyeshadow instead... and this is the outcome...

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i dont think u can see it well anyway. LOL

oh oh oh and you're probably thinking wad i did to my hair. No i didnt just tie it up. its not as simple as it looks. Let me show u how it looks like from behind!

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SEE!! nice anot. EH U DONT GO AND COPY THIS HAIRSTYLE ARH... i was contemplating if i should put up this picture anot... Cause its the secrets to my hairstyle. LOL

SO PLEASE la...(i beg you okay)... dont copy this hairstyle of mine okays...u go and be innovative, play with your wad u like to it and come up with some fantastic looking hairstyle okay...
I will be most grateful to you... SERIOUSLY.


Left the house soon after(1 hour later) and waited for a cab... Decided to take a few snap shots of my mom carrying my niece. =)


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ALAMAK. mommy why you not ready... SEE victoria is ready!!!
nevermind.. try again...


Image hosting by Photobucket

AIYO!! victoria... why this time you not ready... COME COME be good... one last try...



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Pai nian to my grandparents and my uncle and we left for Bedok. Havent seen this old friend of my mom's for ages. Auntie Kuan and Ah yit.

Reached and linger for a lil while. Main purpose was to get ang baos anyway. WAHAHAHAH

Quickly met up with imms at Hougang for dinner. Mom's gonna be spending quite some time there and she wont be home to cook so i had to settle it outside myself.

Ordered a lil too much for our consumption.
-Sambal KK
-Baby squid
-Hotplate tofu
-Black pepper beef

together with rice and chicken rice soup. YUMMY. finished it halfway and packed it up for imms. A lil wasteful to throw them away. Almost 60% of the food was left. HEH

Decided to not meet joa cause i was TOOO LAZY... Cabbed straight home right after me and imms had our dosage of gossips and bitchings. LOL

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Boarded the cab and the uncle was super nice to me. HE said i look like his daughter. O.o


Thus seeing he is so nice, i took a picture of myself in his cab... LOL

Image hosting by Photobucket

Headed home and started munching on CNY goodies. My mom was saying after CNY, id gain back the pounds i lost. HOW TRUE

i ate so much in the past 2 days. NO MORE EATING SHARMAIN. damn, and im meeting joa for Klunch tmr? DAMN

I even had satay for SUPPER? goodness.
i think i shall start drinking my mom's slimming tea. HEH

ang baos ang baos. Im gonna go and collect more ang baos tmr....

gong xi gong xi

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