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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Caught "The Chronicles of Narnia" at Bugis.

Well, it really is a MUCH MUCH kiddish version of LOTR. 'cept that the war was finished in 15mins?

Reached work pretty early. At a whooping 4pm. I start work at 6. O.O

Met up with my fren far too early, so ended up, we had nowhere to go cause we need to stay inside the CBD area. Thus, i finally agreed to being dropped off at work at 4pm.

Im left with only a couple of friends that i haven seen for ages. DAMN CAN WE MEET UP SOON.


*waves madly.

my room is in a terrible terrible mess. Clothes and accessories everywhere. GOODNESS i need to spring clean real soon.

I'd most prob be taking a one week break from work during the CNY week. =)
And i need to do CNY shopping soon. DAMN

My new year resolution. STOP BEING SO NICE TO EVERYBODY.

ur presence is the most comforting thing.

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