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Thursday, December 22, 2005

MAJOR teasing yesterday night.

MR FAZEA SAID :" i throw in capital for u, u open one massage parlour. u run the shop la. I just be the boss. WANT ANOT?Den i one month go there once."
ME " sounds like a mistress"


I was giving a massage to Susu and Elizabeth and Stephanie. And they had commented that i give good massage. =)
And mr fazea being the kpo, come and said he wants a massage from me too. I was hesistant. Cause im a lesbian in disguise.HAHAHA anyways, he QUEUED UP so as to get a massage from me. O.O

Him and his stupid nonsense got us into that stupid conversation. He even commented " I dont mind u being my mistress la!"


i got boyfriend one arh. LOL

And Harry was having fun teasing me about my boyfriend and his occupation. O.O telling everybody to give way to me, if not they will end up in ****. Either that or they must obey my orders, if not they will end up in **** also. *roll eyes

MY mom's yaking away 'bout my cough which refused to go away. Kept saying " later asthma attack how. go take medicine. later u pass the cough to victoria how. Go and take ur medicine. Dont so stubborn"

IT's annoying. O.O

The medicine makes me wanna vomit. So should i or should i not take. Seriously?
The 4 new Nepalese trainees have difficult-to-pronounce names. And susu pronounced nepalese as nippleless.

Everyday, i can only blog about work. WHY? because i got no social life. Nothing interesting to blog about. Everyday i change and go to work like that. Den i finish work, i change and come home. Den i come online, surf the net, and sleep.


My relationship with my boyfriend now is fine, stable. so nothing to blog about. My friends are all still fine, alive and still studying. I haven even got the chance to go out with them.

WAD U WAN ME TO BLOG ABOUT? i don get to interact much with customers, so no customers complaining. My bosses here are okay, and gay too. Nothing to blog about.


I HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT. time to add some sparks into my life. =)

I give you my heart
Please lock it up and keep it safe
Dont ever let it fall apart.
I love you.

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