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Monday, December 05, 2005

Work was fine. other den the semi-retard turning up again. LOL den again, our dear boss need to train some staffs since immelia's gone and im going to be gone too. That'd teach her to not take us for granted.

Actually, that semi-retard is not all that bad la. She's a nice christian lady who is NICE? She's abit errrr...retarded lookin when she just sit/stand around and stare into space.

We even had a talk on brand consciousness. LOL apparently i said im not a brand conscious person. =) I find things that i like. If its branded, so be it. But i wont step into a branded shop and find something for me to like. GETTIT?

Okays work was all well, nothing much 'cept for alot of aunty gossiping with Mei Lan aka Hafi's girl. LOL she was asking about immelia blah blah blah... She's a good person. Cause she's on our side. =)

She kept mum about our "activities" when the boss was out of town. She said she duno anything. =)
She even pretended to not know that immelia was going to quit soon, and ask our boss where is immelia. LOL

she's a nice lady. =) and she'd be covering up for me too. YES YES my so called "holiday"...

My shades were spoilt and a screw came out. SADDED.
and i had gotten a new one in replacement. =)

Dear boy came to pick me up after work.
Reason : cause he wanna see me.
=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

Im not thinking cause he did something bad and wanna make up for it. Im thinking, he merely just wanna see me. so be HAPPY FOR ME OKAYS!!

Im buying alot of xmas pres this year. Actually not alot.. just a handful but they are pricely. OMG. that 3 lesser presents i saved on is not even enough for make up for ONE BIG one. >.<

Im broke to the bone. But its worth it. =) and i hope you will like it. After you get yours that is. =)
Im still contemplating if i should still get `em presents. Well, not that I mind giving `em gifts. Known by many, i tend to give lil gifts and treats here and there. =)

Okays, work tmr. I cant wait for thursday to arrive. And den its major FARK OFF BITCH. =) heh in the meantime, for the next 3 days. thou shall continue to be a good and nice worker. =)

I love you i love you i love you.
Your touch, your kiss
means everything to me.

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