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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Work was fine. Told her about my "holiday"... Suddenly i dont feel lk working at indochine anymore cause im relatively pissed off.

But i duno how much more nonsense and madness will the siao char bor give me. especially when im working the whole day for this entire week.

oh and past 12midnight. It's my mom's birthday. i think the best i can do is to err, eat wadever she cooked today. i haven been eating wad she cook. HAHAHAHA

Plaited my hair to work. Cause i haven been doing my hair for ages.

and i look doll`ish today.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

YALAH YALAH...i trying to act chio la can... =)

At least i admit i act chio. At least i look quite chio though is act one. =)

oh and i managed to change my nose stud to the smaller one already. =)
and i still haven found my green watch. >.< i think one of my sisters took it and wore it and lost it.

My mom cooked oatmeal prawn. Terrific. Now i wanna eat also cannot eat. WHA LAU.... >.< and i just killed a terribly big 2-cm in length ANT.

I officially pronounce, i have lost 5kg in the past 15 days.

MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA and now, i cannot wear my bottom(s) without wearing a belt....*CRIES

im already so broke. and now i cant even fit into my clothes. *CRIES EVEN LOUDER.

i wan my new phone soon. SOON. SOON SOON SOON. =(

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