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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


at least its much better den CAN. At least we are not UNDERSTAFFED and overworked. Supper's served and transport too(though it took me 45mins to reach home).

From Empress place to Toa Payoh to Ang Mo Kio to Yishun to Woodlands. A total of lets see 40mins. =) and its only 4 dropoffs. I cant imagine if there was more dropoffs. =(

AND YES. i got my uniform Its wad i'd reckon a thai-ish kinda sarong. NO I WILL NOT SHOW THE PICTURES cause i look horrendous in it. and seriously, unless all of you are so damn RICH and free to come and see how i look like. Otherwise, i dont see the need for u guys to spend $75 on a 5-6 course meal just to see sharmain in her uniform.

A simple meal for 2 can easily amount to $100++.. So do reconsider yah??

=) people were giving me their guidance and i think, i didnt do all that bad. Rmbr the table numbers, seat numbers, steps etc... LOL =) i'd give myself a 3.25/5 stars today. LOL and today i made ONE blunder. Serving drinks to the wrong table. LOL

den again its only ONE BLUNDER. =)

Anyways, people were giving me their guidance, telling me what to do. and yes with lots of people asking me at the end of the day " so how's ur first day"...

Seriously my 1st day here is SO MUCH better den my 1st day at CAN. *phew

Oh and during the briefing, i was asked to do a self intro. =) and earlier on, imms had warned me about a particular question that they were gonna ask me. And i finally realised what was it when Fabian asked " SO ARE U A VIRGIN"

i nearly burst out laughing.
My 1st reply was " is this related to my job scope"
they said " YES"


and thus i replied saying " all i can say is i have a boyfriend already"

and they concluded by saying " SO MEANS NOT VIRGIN LA."


LOL but i must agree that they are a bunch of fun people to work with. Mainly the indian guys that is. That place is very male orientated. With almost more den 2 times the amount of males. Oh and did i mention that the chefs are thai too. =) LOL

=) and im chionging work this entire week. My next off day is on Next tuesday aka RACHAEL's WEDDING!! omg i cant wait to see my dear friend..

BEEN MONTHS HASNT IT... how much i miss you... =(

Tues and Fri are my off days. =) no more xmas eve dinner cause im working 3-1 on xmas eve with is followed by a post-work party. =)

i shall go and wash up now. =)

I think of you
I miss you
I dream of you
I love you.

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