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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Went to collect my cheque instead of visiting my grandpa cause everybody went out in the end. BLOODY MORONS.

Joined Imms and YuQi and made our way to indochine waterfront. Couldnt find Ramesh. Ended up gotta collect our cheque from Kharun(is that how u spell his name?)

Anyways, headed over to the toilet and imms got all hyped up over taking photos. Photoshoots i mean. Took tonnes of pictures but i'd only post some of it. LOL

Let the pictures do the talking...

Image hosted by

At the bar.

Image hosted by

Again. With _____ in the background. Mr Saroj u are a terrific photographer.
Image hosted by
At the toilet staircase.
Image hosted by
Again. My makeup's ruined.

Image hosted by
I TOLD U MY MAKE UP WAS RUIN. stop laughin!!

Image hosted by
In the lift. My top blends into the background. Yea yea wadever.

Image hosted by
YuQi, the supposedly GEEK for the day.

Image hosted by
And again,

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Me proposing to Immelia at Singapore River. Isnt's IT romantic. I ALREADY SAID WE'RE LESBIANS!!!
HEy i went down on one knee k.
Image hosted by
The Xmas tree at TAKA. ( which cute guy was it that took this picture?)

We had trained down to somerset to get some last min shopping. Got my CD for that jason ang. Walked around and well, not much familiar faces but damn, the streets were crowded.

Guess everybody's doing last min shopping. =) cause i am.

Made a small confession to imms about something. Something that is RIDICULOUSLY RIDICULOUS.

the feeling will go away right? tell me it will. IT WONT? FUCK U.

walked a lil. Saw the Trojan soldiers and imms wanted to take a picture with them SO MUCH. but we changed our mind when we saw them. DAMN, they're old. LOL old as in uncle`ish age like thirties. LOL

Banked in the stupid cheque at taka and walked around before heading to Far east. rained the entire day. Thank god it was light drizzle and not a thunderstorm. Otherwise imms would have flown away.

Anyways, staff partying tomorrow after operational hours. Im wondering whose givin my my xmas gift and WAD did he/she buy for me.

Im lookin forward to working tomorrow. *smiles at imms.

And i dont think i'd be selling off my 6260. I'd just get a new VS6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA cause my 6260 has too much sentimental value.

Everyone's asking me to get a Nokia N70/N90. WAD IS THEIR PROBLEM. why cant i buy a VS6.
Jez said i look like im dancing when i walk.
Maybe she means that i walk with a beat? I have no idea why she says that. LOL

and i saw the black satin pumps i wanted from GUESS?

felt so bad not being able to meet up with JA_E tmr for xmas present exchange. THEY DID buy me something. =) thanks girls. MEet up real soon. I miss u all tonnes. And i cant wait to see u all.
SOON alright. i promise. SOON. =)

its NICE

can anybody get it for me. PLEASE! its $159? or $169. i cant rmbr... I love heels i love heels i love shoes i love heels...


I would give my life away
If it could only be the same
Cause i can still hear the voice
Inside of me
That is calling out your name...
In my heart you are the only.

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