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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Towned with the orange stalk of hugs AKA the lil one.

Bought my black shoes for work. Oh mr william said, he'd contact me again on monday cause he didnt check my schedule. BUT xmas eve, im working.

So most prob i'd only start work on tuesday evening.

And i might be staying over at imms house next week for errr. FUN?

Okays so i finally got some of my presents done. IIBMI, i really must get u belated XMAS present la... sorry baby.. I PROMISE i'd make it up to you k!!!

cant believe, the only xmas eve i had properly spent with the years was last year. Where we had a supposedly nice and romantic dinner.

and i still rmbr 4 insane girls along orchard road going wild and mad chasing after mercedes cabs.
This year i had to let them down. I felt so terrible.
Cause i had to work. Im sorry girls...

And poor joa today had went home ALMOST empty handed...except for a LITTLE LLIITTTTLLEE nail polish ...

HAHHA while i had to carry bags of items.

Strolled along orchard road lk always... took pics with the YEARLY-xmas tree.

Image hosted by

Its the BIG xmas tree u can always find outside PARAGON.

oh today was a hilarious day. joa was wearing this sweater ( cause of the cold weather) and there was this small kids ( irritating as well)... So they were playing... this auntie was scolding them..

And while this auntie was carrying one of the lil girl( who appears to look about 18mths old).. she looked at joa (who was siting beside me) and called :


(it means granny in cantonese)...


and another incident was... im sure quite a number of people has already noticed the famous "singapore idol clown" aka steven lim who is always outside TANGS. at the M.A.C entrance there...

As i was lagging behind her, she got approached by him and this was the conversation ( according to her)

"You are a pretty girl, but your eyebrows are very messy"


he does eyebrow shaping OUTSIDE TANGS?
is he really SOOOOOO pathetic that he's down to providing such services for ladies.
Im not against guys who does eyebrow shaping. BUT??

HIM? outside TANGS? approaching ladies for the service??

its VERY WEIRD. im glad he didnt approach me. I'd have ( probably) said " fuck off you gay! "

okays its a joke. GETTIT??

im tired. And i've no work tmr.

I give u my hand
I give u my heart.
Love me everyday
And never let us part.

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