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Sunday, December 18, 2005

TODAY(saturday) cant be any worse.

I woke up at 8.30am cause of some stupid bitch screaming away. I had a mere 4 hours sleep. The following 4 hours sleep was equally bad cause i was sub conscious.

I suddenly feel like im part oe "lemmony sickets(is that how u spell the name?) : a series of unfortunate events"

1. Insufficient sleep.
2. No food.
3. Contact lens spoil.
4. Auntie at optical went to fetch her son.
5. And i was almost late for training.
6. Complain from customer( it wasnt pinpointing me. I just happened to be in the station.)
7. Nose stud lost
8. Nose piercing closed.
9. Spectacles lost
10. Blisters


2 more days to my off... SOmetimes, i really think im a wonder woman. Then again, there's some goodness today which made up for some of the bad.

i was JUBILANT, ELATED, OVERWHELMED, GAY, when i saw his name appearing.

Also, i had a glass of beer for supper. im not drunk k
For once, i thought i look younger. Cause when people see me drinking beer, They were like " U DRINK BEER???"

WAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA and i thought i look like im in my early twenties?

And today is MAJOR FLIRTING DAY... everydody (at work) seems to be flirting with me.. LOL

BUT, i got my beloved boy k.. ?Nothing can change my love for him. Then again, all the flirting is for fun. Most of the pple working there are attached. LOL

but... w ho can resist flirting.. *nods now i understand how my boy feels... =)

And im like 50cm away from my monitor screen BECAUSE I LOST MY GLASSES RMBR??
and i dont wanna keep wearing my contacts for so long...Its very bad for my "already very pa jiao and spoilt" eyes...

I had initially wanted to take a picture of my name tag. YES YES I GOT MINE ALREADY. But dear mister abang(manager) bumped into me, and it fell off, meaning spoilt la.. And also mister william(asst. manager) HAD SPELLED MY NAME WRONGLY...

sharmAin becomes sharmIn. Why cant people get my name rigjht. Its either too much characters (SHARMAINE) or too lil characters (SHARMIN)...

*shakes head...

OH and i have quite a couple of extra indochine 2006 calenders. So if u want it, let me know. =)

Im really getting tired. And my feet hurts.. i think i shall just sleep the rest of my day off...
Tomorrow still got the stupid OSKAMA(is that how u spell that name)'s birthday and meeting to attend...

JEESH, i need a break..

I tink im turning into a workaholic. SOMEHOW, i do look forward to working. O.O maybe cause it makes time past damn fast. But me in that uniform. goodness gracious.

and i still cant figure out how i lost my glasses. IT's nowhere to be found. Sometimes, i hate myself for being such an idiot whose so blur. Sometimes, its a good thing. =)

should i consider working full-time instead... Not like i've never worked more den 44hrs/week before.
Gerald was just telling me "u want money dont wan life"
WHO DOESNT WAN MONEY. Somemore its not like i have to tolerate mad woman while working. I get fun colleagues, free transport, free supper, free drinks. HEY WHY WOULD I NOT LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING?

i really think im psychotic. I need my social life. ( or do i not?)
I somehow find that bloggingis not that a good choice for me right now. I have came to realise that my friends are updating themselves about my life THROUGH MY BLOG.
meaning, if i dont blog, they wont know wad is going on.

Which is bad. And i miss my boy. I wanna update him on my life. i wanna see him. =(
I miss my friends, i really think i need all the la kopi/chilling sessions soon. AFTER XMAS PLEASE. and AFTER NY. lol

meaning january 2006.
i shall go and study my 5 types of cheese ( starts mumbling, bleu cheese, goat cheese, pepper/garlic cheese, brie cheese, camembert cheese....)

OH and i gaven bring the menu home to study. Forget ful me.
*should i burst my feet's blister?

I shall go and sleep now. Its 4.30(According to my clock)

Babyboy i love you so
From now till forever

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