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Sunday, December 25, 2005

This Xmas would have been great if it weren't for me losing my phone. But i accept the fact that i am clumsy and thus i had lost my phone.

Well well, it IS time to get a new one. I did mention i'd get a new phone by year end. =)

It was just, lets see, a matter of time.

Last night's dinner crowd wasn't that bad. Worked and chit-chatted alot. And i must suay suay be posted under FARZEA's station. I'd rather it was ROY. goodness gracious.

And on top of the uniform, I HAVE TO WEAR SANTARINA HATS which lights up. OMG! It's xmas so i got over that real quickly.

Closed early and waited for the rest of the non-working colleagues to turn up for the mini party. Lots of food, but i wasn't hungry. As usual, had a glass of beer followed by a glass or red wine and half a glass of white wine.

The after party's party shall not be mentioned here. Because, its not nice. Just remember my colleagues are hitting on me.

Lots of pics, but i dont think i'd post them up here. They havent sent it to me anyway. =)

i hope basanta finds my phone and bring it to me today. I PRAY I PRAY I PRAY.

Reached home at 5am. I knew i should have stick to taking the transport home.
Not drunk. Tired. Upset(i lost my phone). But still, i shall look at it in a positive manner and just, be happy.

I HAD A NIGHTS OUT WITH MY FRIENDS!!!aint tha something good?

Too much to tell my friends, but i cant blog it out here. =)
Tell u girls when i see u girls.
Miss ya lots. =)

I'd always love you
Until the end of time.


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