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Friday, December 09, 2005

Song of the day : Tamale(club remix) - Mr Vegas

Im so used to being out on fridays. I couldnt stand knowing im going to be home the entire day. And thus, i had went out to meet imms and jeslyn aka colleagues-to-be for late lunch/early dinner. =)

Went over to LAU PA SAT. Had seafood.

Image hosted by

YANG ZHOU fried rice.

Image hosted by

Oyster with egg.

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Image hosted by


Boy looking at the pics alone makes me hungry again.

I paid for it. Yeap the treat was on me. =) yes even though im broke. how broke? THIS broke.
but they were broker den me. cause their pay haven come in yet.
GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, your treat the next time...

anyway, they left soon after for work while i trained home. Was far too lazy to drop by woodlands library to pick up some books and headed home. Bought chopsticks for my hair though.

Image hosted by
ITS BLUE and yes its neat... =)

But i wan my hair to grow longer... I NEED EXTENSIONS...

and now Qi has found her way here too. GOOD FOR U.
I shall REMOVE and REVEAL the password soon. LOL and let u guys know, how absurd it is.

oh, and i think about 90% i will need to wear those costumes as my uniform.
and no, if any ANY of you was to visit me at indochine to see me in that costume. I WILL HIDE MYSELF.


and before i go, i will act chio again. =)

I MEAN act cool....

Image hosted by

THAT is my new shades. =) taken on wednesday actually and u can see the arm chair from my ex-workplace in the background. and my silver triple round pendant necklace, my patchy complexion.

AND YES!!! i did it...=) im a brave girl..

I'd give u my everything.
A word from you
I'd abide to do
You have been, will be,will forever be,
my one and only love.

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