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Monday, December 26, 2005

Song of the day : Destinys Child - CHECK ON IT


u shouldn't be asking me out. NOT EVEN FOR A CUP OF COFFEE!!!
we're colleagues, cant we just remain that way.
hans can u chase him away. fight him for trying to date your gf.

he even knew im having my off day. I FEEL STALKED.
i love working at indochine waterfront.

- in the midst of chatting with joa on msn-
[she agreed that
damnit damnit damnit. i dont need that right now. ]

continuing from above.
please dont make me dread going to work.

My sisters said ive lost weight. LOL
THAT's because im surviving on 2 or less meals a day... =) i need to adjust the damn hook on my skirt beacuse its getting looser. =)

LOSE WEIGHT! EAT LESS! way to goooo...

movies on my to-watch list
-Chronicles of Narnia
-King Kong

of cuz id wanna watch all the movies that's out. =) NO TIME LA. haisss

i miss my boyfriend terribly.
i just had a sumptous home-cooked meal in like MONTHS. when i say home cooked meals, im referring to pippin` hot dishes with fragrance rice.

Yes i haven had that in months. I miss my mom's cooking. Been too busy working to sit down and enjoy her cooking ever since im back to routinal working days.

She was so happy she even sat down at the dining table and ate with me. LOL maybe that's how comforting home is.

Talked to my dad over the phone. It's been a long time since i even talked to my dad properly. Though i was helping him with some stuffs over the phone. I had been an impatient daughter. But today, i made an effort to be patient and went into every possibility.

My heart's at ease. I haven sat down and watch tv for the longest time. i cant even remember when was my last TV program. Was it Friends? or American's next top model season 4?
I seriously cant. Not only am i missing out my social life,
i missing out on

MY OWN LIFE. i need some ME-TIME. grant me my wish o' lord.

everyday and night
i think of you
every now and then
i miss you
i love you

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