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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Song of the Day : COCO LEE - NO DOUBT.

The problem with me?

The problem with you?

Sorry i was so bored, i just felt like blogging that out. It's not pinpointing at anybody. HOWEVER, if u do feel guilty, den please start giving me that attention i seek?

Met up with imms and her friends at City Hall for "high-tea" at Gelare.

Tuesday is WAFFLES DAY~~~!!!

I love waffles. With whipped cream, chocolate syrup and two scoops of ice-cream. HEAVENLY.

Mini shopping for the girl cause she needed to get her black pants and white blouse. I already had mine so i was just browsing around, window shopping`ing, and looking at pretty clothes.

Cabbed to work cause we were rushing for time. Though we were at Suntec.

Work was fine other den William pinching me on both sides of my arm which hurt so badly i was gonna tear. If tmr i get blue-blacks. Im going to sms him and tell him he caused injury on my hand and i shall demand for medical fees. =)

Work was slack thanks to the rain. HURRAYS

I need to buy chocs for my colleagues as XMAS gift. Cause i said i would.
My new current addiction is Underworld Evolution. The game is stupid and simple but addictive. =) i shall go and start playing it now...

Where does your heart lies.
With me? or with her?
I need you.

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