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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sometimes, i wake up from my sleep... to find my hair looking


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I thought people wake up with MESSY HAIR!!!

DAMN. no wonder my hair looks rebonded.

Warning to everybody out there.. DO NOT SMS/CALL me on my cellphone before 11am UNLESS its an emergency.
Because u wont wan me sending a reply to u in caps saying " HAVE I NOT TOLD U NOT TO SMS ME EARLY IN THE MORNING BEFORE 11am"

IF u are asking me out, fair enough. but sending me a stupid message at 830 in the morning which reads "GOOD MORNING SHARMAIN."

seriously, WHAT THE HELL U WANT!!!
and its the same person that had pissed me off last night with his stupidity and ignorance and BLAH.

He had conveniently stated that "people who like dark colours are normally very dao or attitude one."

WHERE GOT SUCH THINGS ONE? seriously, this kinda stereotype thinking is wayyyyyyyyy overboard.

Just a couple of pics taken this morning...

Proudly presenting VICTORIA THE MASSIVE BABY!!

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WHO? ME? oh thanks aunty...

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Is this the camera...

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The stroller is so uncomfortable la...

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IM ANGRY... i go and tell "popo"

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She thus went to my mom to whine about me bullying her...

That's my almost 4 month old niece in the stroller.


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