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Sunday, December 04, 2005

SATURDAY. FINALLY. my tanning session. With Joa and Qi in the afternoon. Unhealthy sun but who cares especially when the weather is cloudy.

DO NOT ASK WHY WOULD WE WANNA GO TANNING ON A CLOUDY DAY. we were just in the mood to do so. =)

Bought bread and headed down to HARBOURFRONT... *chooo chooo

Anyhoos, its going to be a pictorial entry.. SO here goes....

Image hosted by

On our way to SENTOSA
Image hosted by

Photo whores

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

YOU looking at me??

Image hosted by

Our very best attempt to smile without showing our teeth. =D
Image hosted by
kissing at sunset... *close eyes

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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We love tanning.

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The wind is very strong...

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EH QI, why u squeeze me out of the pic.. WHA LAU..

Image hosted by
I SQUEEZE U out of the picture too... =)

Image hosted by

This is me.

Image hosted by

On our way home...

Image hosted by

More smiles...

Image hosted by

And somemore..

Image hosted by

our reflections...

Had noodle hut for dinner. And before i forgot. Lil miss joa had conveniently BURPED so loudly in the restaurant that everybody stared at us. *SHAME
her and her habits.

and presenting to you, the best picture of the dayy


Image hosted by

TADA~~ there u go...
and i cant find my green watch. URGHS *pulls hair... and im off to work.

Reached home at about 8++ ...Tired but fun. Lots of photos cause its a good phototaking day.

Oh and here's a link for u guys to visit.

It's an old pte blog of mine. LOL laugh at it for all you want. LOL... But no, i dont blog there anymore. I cant remember the username anyway. And i had nearly forgot about it till immelia told me.

I am tired. and i need to work tomorrow.

I look like milk chocolate now. =)

I want your love.
I need your love.
Please just love me,
the way i love you.

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