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Monday, December 12, 2005

Rushing day for me.

Rec' a message from her, quickly went to find miss immsy and told her about it. And den i went to check my friendster. And i got a reply. And den i had to quickly fix a meetup.

Met up with her. Aye, can i call her by her name. Since im going to post pictures... And there is her face... unless i blurred it all. Aiya i'd just address her by her name. Okays
Met up with Lynn at somerset of which she was a lil late cause her lift broke down. EH SHE RICH MAN'S DAUGHTER OKAY!!


headed to lil india to get our eyebrows threaded. Our usual parlour wasnt open so we headed to the next nearest one which charged the same price. =) But it was slightly more painful. Somehow her thread feels thinner. =)

Walked to SLS to get his present. oh yah, i told him wad im getting him for Xmas already so there's no need to hide anymore. Its meant to make him happy so that he can recover faster. =) it hurts to know he's sick la. And i dont wan him to report to work on tuesday SICK. =(

Im getting him a pc game : CALL OF DUTY 2. which is already soldout islandwide. =) I had a choice of Civilization 4 and COD 2. Of which my friend who helped me check out before i reach SLS told me Civilization 4 is already sold out. =)

Den again, i somehow prefer the name COD 2. =) Paid my deposit for the game of which he said will arrive somewhat on tuesday/wednesday.

Meaning i have to make a trip down to collect it. And den head off to work. there's bus from SLS to boat quay anot har?? aiya i think train is faster.

Bugis was ever so boring. I think im so sick of singapore, i cannot stay around window shopping for long. Cause there's nothing much to see anymore. Parco wasn't anywhere better as well. Other den the neoprints taking. =)

Image hosted by
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( this pic has been removed due to some circumstances.)

THERE U GO!! neorprints for the day... =)

we tried 2 machines. one of which has an "elevatable platform" and has this "wind-blowing effect". DAMN COOL i tell u.. and u do realised that the 1st 4 pics looked amazingly nice? LOL =)

i dont meant us being pretty.. but the effects turned out really nicely. =)

Image hosted by

while waiting for ms lynn at somerset station. I look minah`ish with my shades. =)

Image hosted by


okays. that's all for today. cause we headed home soon after we took neoprints. =)
oh and before i forget. Notice the "princess t-shirt" that imms was wearing. I bought her that top from bugis village. =)

AND IMMS IS GETTING ME A WALLET. so other pple pls don get me a wallet. =)

Im tired. IMMS THERE U GO!! end of entry...

Don't say those words it's so hard.
They turn my whole world upside down.

Please, i really do love you.

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