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Thursday, December 15, 2005

OMG. my feet feels squashed. I did mention its a pair of new black shoes right. And wearing it twice is not enough to season it as yet.

MY FEET FEELS SQUASHED! ..... i have a feeling my big toes will get blueblacks soon.

im not really sure if i should say it yet. *looks at imms.
Guess i'd leave it till the ordeal is over then id tell the story. LOL
woke up after a short 6 hours sleep cause i tot he wanted to go out today. BUT he is still sleeping. So if he is still asleep until 12.30. I shall go and take a nap till 330 before i prepare for work.

Damn it i need to iron uniform. SHOULD I TAKE MONDAY OFF. nobody told me yet... wha lau... Cause have to chiong 7 days. I human lei. though i got chiong more days back at CAN. but hor... MY FEET IS KILLING ME LA!!!

*massages my own feet.

OH And i had banana fritter last night. Couteousy of My Fazae. When he told me " its for you to taste and eat". I looked at him and tot he was joking until he repeated kept telling me it REALLY is for me to taste and eat.
And then, about 30 mins later, someone ( i think its rahul) who walked past and dropped another banana fritter onto the plate for me. WHICH MAKES IT TWO!!! but hor, i gave one to SUSU lol..

SEE im so nice. AND ITS NICEEE...its like a nicer version of our goreng pisang. But the price is 10 times of it la. =)


all i want for christmas is YOU. alamak how many times u wan me to tell u...

oh and did i mention i wasn't the last passenger on the van home last night.. POOR GIRL, she live further den me. HAHAHAHAHA and i already thought i live far enough. HAHAHA


busy busy busy...busy like a beee~~~ AND THIS WEEKEND IM WORKING ALONE LA...AND NEXT WEEKENDS TOO..wha lauuuu the both of them.. PANGSEH SIA...

*stomps away

i shall go and check my email now...

I wanna love
I want a fire
To feel the burn
My desires
Love me.

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