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Friday, December 16, 2005

Okays, im feeling much better now just that im a tad bit grumpy. Cause i didnt have a good night sleep.

I wish the weekend can faster pass by la. I cannot tahan another week like that. INSUFFICIENT sleep.

BECAUSE EVERYBODY KEEPS WAKING ME UP... i set my alarm to go off at 12noon. 10 ++ got pple sms me already.

AIYO PLEASE PLEASE K.... don msg me unless its emergency. I REALLY NEED MY REST... my body hasnt adapted back to F&B line. Gimme a break k.

thought its only a short 7 hours. BUT hor. i gotta stay awake for so longgg... because we tend to leave the restaurant only at 130. den wait for transport which is about 15mins. Den journey home is normally about 45mins. Add that together. I will reach home only at about 230.

AND i need to shower? wash my uniform? by the time i sleep. its roughly 3.30-4am.

so it actually means alot if i have to wake up early to meet you. And if u see me early in the morning online. IT MEANS SOME IDIOT HAS CONVENIENTLY WOKE ME UP.


im very tired. Im going down to bugis. HOPE THE STUPID GAME IS HERE already...

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