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Friday, December 30, 2005

OH, i love friendster's new function. Im supposed to blog this out sometime ago, but being the ever forgetful, when can i remember something. =)

I have reserved a personal URL for myself. Thus now, if u guys wanna view my friendster profile.. simply type

THERE U GO!!! no need to flip through pages to find me. I'd keep the link permanently on my side bar. =)

Anyways, was dressing casually to work when i realised i look tomboy`ish.
And i suddenly thought of how tomboy i looked and i chanced upon this pic... Some of the faces have been blurred. =)

Image hosted by

That was me on the LEFT. back in 2003.
Image hosted by

2003 with slightly longer hair.

Image hosted by
End of 2004. With my purple hair extensions.

Image hosted by

My Jurong JC days.

Image hosted by

After JC life.

Image hosted by


Do i look hotter now or wad. *laughs
I just thought i had changed quite alot.

To those who think im hot. Erms... Think again, cause Im not. =) Pictures CAN BE deceiving. Im pretty much less attractive in real. =) I wont deny that im photogenic.

And i knew some colleagues would have managed to find their way to this blog.

And if u think im hot/pretty/cute WADEVER... and u would like to know me personally. U are more than welcome to leave me an email. =) my email's at the side bar. *grins

SHUT UP. i dont have a seductive look. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.
okays FINE. i do!!*groans

I look back at my pictures. somehow. I THINK I LOOK BETTER then.

But my sense of dressing has improved NOW. but i thought i looked(features wise) better den.

I miss my better-toned body. I miss wearing my uniform though its always fucking short. I miss having recess with my bunch of clicks and just bitching away.

I miss copying homework and teasing the teachers. I miss school.

Most importantly, i miss my friends. I miss playing netball.I miss telling my netball girls wad to do(not ordering them, mind you). I miss debating ( even though i needed to stay back till9pm).

I miss skipping choir practices ( though i wasnt even in choir for a long period of time). I miss playing my stupid ER-HU during Chinese Orchestra practices and i miss studying the thick law TORT law books for LAW quiz...

I miss being one of the few top students in 3/4 intergrity. I miss waking up at 6am to have to prepare for school.

Im reminicising. OH GOSH.A walk down memory lane will do me some good.
Can someone PLEASE invent the time-machine. I just need it for a day.

Though i kinda like the life im leading now. Carefree and easy. Having fun colleagues that teases me everyday. Going to work with no stress. I just have to do wad im required and just waste the day away.

I miss the times where i had to look mature to buy alcohol. Now i just stretch out my hand and people (mr farzea) will give it to me.

Live life like there is no tomorrow. Easier said than done. If so, i'd be broke everyday.
This entire string of thoughts is very messy and rubbishy, ive not chain my thoughts together. Sorry for making u guys read this in confusion.

I shall cut the crap and sleep now.

cut my flesh
deep and red
let the blood flow

believe in insanity.

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