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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

MY off day has been spent conveniently at home. A full 12 hours length of online slackation. =)

Blasting music in my room and just get to slowly type this entry out.

Sms`less day. Healthy for the bill.
Gave myself a good and thorough body scrub. Refreshing.
Drank lots of warm lemon honey. Good for my throat.
A facial mask. For the glow.
Chit chatted with mom.
Played with baby vic.
Wrapped the presents.
Magazines/Newspaper reading.
Online gaming.

Quite a fulfilling day i must say. Room's still messy. Cause im a lil "chair-bounded"

I merely left out exercising. But im a lil too restless and lethargic for that. Friday's off SHOULD and I HOPE will be a more fulfilling one. Other den not being able to have my xmas eve's eve dinner's with my girlfriends. Cause the supposed plan was to visit my grandpa.

I thought i already said he's suffering from kidney failure.

Weekend's gonna be a blast. I hope everybody's out partying somewhere for the Xmas instead of wasting their money on fine dining. *laughs

Haven got to meet up with my boy. Supposed to be today. Then he ended up having to report to work instead. LOL and i guess, it probably wont be anytime soon.
Since our off days always clashes. =(

I'd keep u inside my heart.

And the shipment for the game hasn't even arrive. THEY REALLY WANNA WAIT TILL 2006 iszit. They better arrive quickly. Dont make me curse. It's never a good thing when i curse. *winks at joa.

All im lacking, is my social circle. I miss my friends and my boyfriend tonnes. I see immelia almost everyday. YES LA I STILL MISS U LA.

hahaha. Hasn't seen anybody for almost 2 weeks. Gosh how i miss them.

And i miss working too. =) im a workaholic.

And i hope they are not going to employ that 4 ahbengs. please dont.

Show me what love is
I haven got a clue
All i know
Is that i love you

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