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Monday, December 26, 2005

Just a couple of pics taken at work. NO, u cant see my entire uniform. Dont even think about it. =)

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i had purposely worn the cap like that. Such that i look like im wearing a condom on my head. NO i had worn it specially like that, with my fringe tucked underneath the cap specially for this pic. DONT LAUGH OKAYS!!

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During our break. CAN U SPOT MY NAME TAG!!!

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the vain girls. i have no idea if imms tongue is too long or wad. U can ask her that personally.

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MY SWIPE CARD. finally. and my name is SPELLED CORRECTLY!! *bingo.

Major crapping going on in MSN with JOA.
From talking about hair to plastic surgery to everything under the sun.

CRAPPING SESSIONS are the best. I was reading through my smses in my phone. I just realised, he made a confession to me. DAMNIT. like its not awkward enough for us both at work.

if this continues, the next person to resign really will end up being me. But i do love working there. JIALAT. To think, i never thought such things will ever happen to me.


GET THE FUNK OUT~~~ i cant wait. Clubbing clubbing clubbing...
Major dipping it low... =)
grinding girls. damn im turned on. =)

and girls, please get ur money ready/ transfer to my POSB/UOB account.
Should be getting the tickets anytime soon. =)

put ur lips on mine.

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