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Friday, December 30, 2005

im taking a break from blogging. Cause im sick and tired of people updating themselves on my life via my blog.

Im sick and tired of staying home on my off days.
Im sick and tired of waiting for people to ask me out.
Im sick and tired of everything.

Maybe i should work full-time. Devote my time to working since nobody, I DO MEAN NONE, bothers to ask me out at all.

If u feel guilty. GOOD FOR U.

Dont complain that im busy or wadever kinda shit. I ALWAYS MAKE MY OFF DAYS KNOWN ON MY BLOG.

for now, i'd just shut the fuck up and lead a life of my own.
with NONE, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU to come into it.

comments/tag/sms/phonecalls/msn messages WILL NOT BE ENTERTAIN.
i might reply to a few(tags) if i like.

In the meantime, GOODBYE.

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