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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Im really bored to come up with this very stupid entry. Anyways, some people might be wondering, MY LINKS ARE SO LITTLE, but how come i am reading so many blogs/webbies...

DOH, cause im too lazy to update them?
Okays, so here goes.

A good webbie that has lots and lots of flash games. The games are relatively short but there is a HUGEEEEEE variety. From pacman to racing to "click around the room" games.

I spend hours everyday playing with it. =) and i still havent played/complete ALL the games.

Our very own famous blog princess. Need i say more? Well i find her entertaining. =)

I NEVER LIKE TWITS. lol again, if u feel the same way as i do, drop by. =) It's worth a read. Though they do not update that frequently.

It's alot like MOT. but they tend to target of everybody and anybody. Mainly ah lians and bungs/butches. =) and they update frequently too.

Our favourite malaysian man from kuching. He has funny entries too. GO ON, READ IT. =)

She's a nice lady who blogged about everything and anything that goes on in her life. =) a pretty and nice lady too. =)

She's a nice self-proclaimed ah lian. But she's nice. Too bad she had closed down her blog. A real pity. Even though her blog always take so long to load cause of the excess amount of pictures. =) I'd miss her...

Mind you, she voted one of the top 10 hottest blog. She cooks, she studies... AIYA ownself go and read up la. And she calls her boyfriend HANS. just lk mine. =)

celebs with awful plastic surgery. Need i say more?

Its owned by one of my friends. =) GO ON... click on it... =)

His entries are short and simple. Yet straight to the point. I like. =)

That's all for now. The rest is mainly my friend's and im not sure if they will wanna be named.

And there's more, but i dont think people will fancy reading it cause its... "hard to explain"

Towning later with imms and her. OH YES I DID SAY SHE's BACK RIGHT?? *hahahahahaha

and to get my brows threaded too. I wonder if they are opened today. GOODNESS and did i mention the previous lady made a HUGE MESS out of my pretty brows. >.<

i must get back the same fat indian lady who always does it for me. =) IT's always safer to stick to your regular eh? Yes ive learnt my lesson.

And to the many anonymous people reading my blog. Thanks for reading. If u meant no harm, i would welcome u.
If u have somehow used my blog to "check" on some people, im not stopping you, its a public blog and anybody can read it. =)

To my dear boy, LOTS OF REST PLS. water, pi pa gao, starfruit juice with a pinch of salt, warm lemon honey.
take care of yourself... It hurts to know that u are falling sick. =(

I wish u a happy christmas
I wish u a happy christmas
I wish u a happy christmas
and a merry new year... =)

Loving you is an everyday routine.
Thinking of you is an every minute thing.

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