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Thursday, December 08, 2005

If u have managed to read this entry. CONGRATULATIONS.

u got past my password thingy. YES its just for fun. Other den joa, and unless u hacked ur way in. BOOO u...

LOL must have fun and try to guess ma. =)

and if u managed to get past, you'll realised the password is totally ridiculous. =) ITS FOR FUN. =)

We were thinking of how much fun we'd get from this password thingy and well, only crazy idiots like us can come up with something like that FOR SAKE OF FUN.

chatted for an hour or so and filled me in with her mad dreams.. SHe's MAD I TELL U. sometimes, i think im braver. =)

Xmas shopping with her on SAT. SOON. real soon. >.< and im already feeling VERY BROKE. damn

Anyways, ive never been happier in my entire life upon receiving my pay. Though its a pathetic sum, but the thought of me leaving that filthy place for good is comforting.

The thought me of not having to see her face,
listen to her endless nonsense and rubbish,
do many stupid things cause she asked me to.

BUT i cant think of me wearing a ethnic costume and WORKING AT INDOCHINE. to make things worse, the lil one said if i had to wear one, she'd drop by and dine there. O.O




More bloggin later on.

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