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Thursday, December 29, 2005

i was falling into a nice good nap when my phone started ringing

"these boots are made for walking"

i flipped open the phone, (i deactivated answering upon flipping) and i saw immelia's name flashing on my screen and i pressed answer.

I said "hello" in my sleepy voice.
"HELLO" it was a man who addressed me.
"hello" i said again, still feeling sleepy but was wondering who is the man on the other line.

For a min, i almost thought something had happened to immelia and her brother had called me to notify me. It had not occur to me that she was working today indeed.

"FARZEA" he replied
"huh? FARZEA? (Short pause) ooooohhhhhhh"

its my supervisor at work.
"sleeping arh"
"not in hotel arh"
-no comments-

wee hours to rec` such a phone call. Of cuz i was being nagged at for sleeping soooo early. But i had to take care of my niece the entire day and I was playing underworld evolution.

Then again, im such a light sleeper, i cant sleep anymore. THAT IS WHY I AM BLOGGING THIS NOW~~!!!!

so now, everybody knows how to wake me up. Calling me on my phone. I do the phone rings, its just a matter of me answering or not. 90% of the time i try to answer. And depending on your luck, i can be normal or really grumpy.

Now, i have no idea wad to do since im awake.

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