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Thursday, December 08, 2005

I said i'd do up my XMAS lust list. So here it goes.

1. Round-toe satin pumps from Guess?
2. Panasonic VS-6 in black(2 yr plan).
3. M.A.C Treasures : 3 Lip/Cool
4. SK-II Pitera Essentials Set
*5. creative ZEN Vision
6. Suede boots from TOPSHOP
7. Military Jacket from TOPSHOP
8. Dior Play in 171 Bet on Pink Lipgloss
9. Panasonic Ladies Epilator ES2028
10. V-neck long sleeve top from Mango.
11. Shopaholic series of books.

i dont think any body will get me anything from this list. LOL the items range from $50 to $200.except item 5 of cuz.

However, if u decided to get me smth from this LUSTFUL list. please let me know. In case u suay suay get the wrong one. =)

and if u wanna get me make up.
Word of caution. Dont get me anything from Anna Sui. i dont like it. LOL i just dont like it.. LOL and errr, no Stila also. =)

and of cuz, if u can kidnap him, wrap him up nicely, deliver it to me such that he's mine to keep. It'll be the best present la. =)

but right now. Any item from the above list is enough to make me drool. =) if u wanna know the prices, u can let me know. items in blue are below $100.

no bags cause joa is getting me one. LOL
and if u are really REALLY cash tight.
u can consider these :

1. Black color wallet. without coin compartment.
2. WatchES ( in black, purple,brown, green,white,blue). ALL OF THEM please.
3. black clutch bag.
4. CDs ( pussycat dolls, madonna, sugababes). ALL OF THEM TOO.
5. one year cleo/female/herworld subscription. =)

i will NOT EXPECT pple close to me to buy me items in red. Cause its far too specific. If any of you close to me buy me something that i highlighted red. I WILL be upset. yes WILL BE TERRIBLY upset.
im hinting you. =)

for my bday present, its okay. NOT FOR XMAS. =)

in the meantime, u can try and think about things that i'd like, and den get for me. If its something that's meaningful but its a decorative item, id like it too.

please no no no no no jigsaw puzzles, photoframes, soft toys. Unless its meaningful. Like a jigsaw puzzle of our picture etc etc...

=) Make up is more definitely appreciated. Though i have an entire basket of it.
BAGS TOO. =) with front compartments.
my oh my, this is never ending. And i shall sleep now before i think of more items to add on to my list. =)


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