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Friday, December 16, 2005

I know that my wishlist hasnt been updated. causing alot of confusion for pple who wanna buy me Xmas presents. HAHAHA so here's what NOT to buy for me this coming xmas.

1. WALLET(taken by imms)
2. Make up brush set from TBS (i'm buying cause i go lobang)
3. Cardigan/Pullover(bought)
4. Perfume.(in no hurry. Cause i had my replacements.)
5. Watches ( someone is getting for me.)
6. Bags ( joa)
7. Curling iron ( sharing with sister)
8. Belts ( bought)

Sorry. I know most of the above makes good xmas gifts. SORRY EH. lol

okies. And please dont ask me what i want for xmas this year. I'd tell u " ALL I WANT FOR XMAS IS YOU(him).."

STRICTLY NO decorative items. UNLESS IT IS MEANINGFUL. like a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of me and you together?

NO SOFT TOYS. im 18. not 8.

NO photoframes. PLEASE LA.. now is IT WORLD. DIGITAL. all my pics are stored in this black box. I don need photoframes anymore. Besides, no space to put.

Dont give me something that reads " shar, sharmain" etc etc.. You know those key chains.. Or those u can stick onto the wall. PLEASE LA. i have tonnes of that.

I know im fussy. Leaving with mainly all the expensive items on my list. WELL IM POOR WAD... no money to buy ma.. LOL and thus all the cheap things are already bought.

If i mention i want it in a set. It's actually not cheap. Eyeliner collection. Take 30 colors for example. Each pencil $25. That totals up to $750.


IF u wanna buy me VCDS. ENTIRE SET ALSO HOR. meaning if there's 10 season. One seaon got 24 episodes. It means all 240 episodes. =)

Sponsor me a mani+pedi session is not advisable cause my nails are very short now cause im in the F&B line. HELLO???

Clothes. u will have to ask me for my size. WHICH IS VERY TROUBLESOME. lol i prefer to buy clothes alone. Unless in Joa's case. =)

I know i love bags. U can always buy me bags and i'd love you. BUT im a fussy bag person. I really am fussy. =) ask anybody and u will know. LOL

Shoes arent exactly advisable too. Because, different shoes, different cutting, different size. =) BESIDES how u know my taste? (other den an unnoticed special liking for BOWS and ribbons.) LOL im very VERY VERRRRRRRYYYYYYY fussy with footwear too. LOL

Lingerie is fine. =) get me more please. Size. *looks down. Pretty obvious aint it? HAHAHAHA

im really tired. its already 4am in the morning. And i wonder wad time will i wake up.


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