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Saturday, December 17, 2005

i duno wad the fuck am i doing here. BLOGGING THAT IS.

i really should be :
washing my uniform

INSTEAD OF BLOGGING. my brain's screwed up.

Work's been tiring. Duno where did everybody run to after 12midnight. I had to do sooooo many thingss... And mind u, im a greenhorn k. And this mr fazea, HAPPILY USES SIGN LANGUAGE. he refuses to talk. duno wad is the problem with him.

AND SUAY SUAY, i must work with that fabian again TODAY. YESTERDAY ALREADY BAD ENOUGH.

den that mr fazea, keep saying i look like his ex-gf. same size, same face. gives good "service". HE EVEN SUSPECTED I WAS HIS EX-GF LA... nonsense, he's one mad ass. But he's nice la. LOL friendly and easy to get along.

MY FEET HURTS. when i tiptoe, it hurts, when its flat on the ground, it hurts.

This year, is a fucking terrible year. I CANT EVEN GET TO ENJOY 2 massive holidays. MY xmas is gone. AND NOW so is my NY. working on NYE(31) is complusory. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH terrific. =( how to club like that...

I need a foot massager. NONO, make it a full body massager. iSqueeze and iDesire would be great. =)

And a good javanese massage would do fine too. =)
And a good spa session.
Plus manicure and pedicure
Plus hair washing
Plus facial
Plus hi-tea

THIS IS HEAVENLY. oh and u know wad, fabian says i look like a tai-tai. DO I REALLY GOT THAT SPEND-THRIFT KINDA FACE. wha lauuu...

And jason is saying i always poses. Stand around and pose. I WHERE GOT POSE. Apparently, he thinks i look like im posing when i stand. O.O

And that stupid fabian says the same thing too. =(

SERIOUSLY... i got a "spoilt-brat", put it in nicer terms " tai-tai " look meh? SERIOUSLY?

Work is FUN and tiring. im bushed. I cant wait for monday to come and go. I cant wait for my cheque to come through. I CANT WAIT.... I hope they will spell my name correctly. SHARMAIN TANG S*** C***.

I dont wan my cheque to bounce. =) den again, i shall worry about that NEXT week.

I THINK, i need to sleep.

This fragile heart
Was broken before
I dont think it could
Endure another pain.
Mend my fragile heart.

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