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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I CANT WAIT FOR TOMORROW TO BE OVER. She's real bitchy today.

I cant even be bothered to blog it out. Because tomorrow is my last day of nightmare. And i read imms's blog before blogging. HORROR OF ALL HORRORS.

CHEONGSAM!!! as UNIFORM. cheongsammmmmmmmm...
and i thought black pants and white shirts are bad enough. NOW THERE's CHEONGSAM!!!!

omg, can i not work there anymore. PLEASE. *begs

i can make do with black pants, black leather shoes and white shirts. white shirts is already a bad enough option, but lots of F&B requires white shirt. I shall close one eye.

To top it off,they must make it

please take a knife and stab me. Or take a gun and shoot me. Or push me onto the mrt tracks and get hit by the train. Of push me off a building.

WHY CANT WE DRESS LIKE SANTA CLAUSE!!!! its XMAS RIGHT. why cheongsam..... i mean i know its a oriental restaurant with errrmms westernized decorations. BUT STILL...

i am proud, yes proud to announce that i have never ever ever ever ever ever ever in my entire 18 years WORN A CHEONGSAM BEFORE. not even when i was a baby.

*shakes head

I shall not let it bother me FIRST. I will think about it in due time. I need somebody to accompany me over the weekends. To get my Xmas shopping and my black shoes. =)

I looked pretty today. I felt lk dressing up, and i haven worn my all-occasion favourite purple top.

And well, as a girl, how can u resist looking pretty right.
And when u look pretty, how can u resist not taking pictures right. =)
CALL ME VAIN. i dont care =)

Image hosted by

At home.
Image hosted by

At work.
Image hosted by

This was actually yesterday. Before the stupid woman came. =)
Image hosted by

When u have nothing better to do at work then to take pictures of yourself at weird angles. =)

Was standing around doing nothing(at work) when fionette(pri sch best fren) spotted me at work.

Decided to meet up with her for catch ups after meeting imms to get the key. Boy do i miss imms. I think she looked skinnier. But hor, she's always so skinny. I cant tell the difference.

*stomps around..

Anyways caught up with her at far east after waiting a looooooonng time for imms and jason. Walked around, chit-chatted. Boy oh boy, how time flies... 6 years ago, we were the best of friends. Right now, we're friends. Individual lives changed so much.

LOL and the lamest and most spastic event of the day.

US both walking in a NOKIA shop and asking for the pink MOTO-RAZR V3.
The guy looked at us and said, this is a nokia shop(nicely). We stunned, blushed and quickly walked out of the shop.

Put the both of us together, and u get two blur queens.

Sat outside Taka for a lil chat, cause she was so tired she was going to faint. *laughs

and i was wondering why hasn't my boy replied my message after one hour, so i checked my message folders, only to realise, " I HAVENT SEND OUT THE MESSAGE"

She laughed at me. >.<
i already said im blur didnt i?

said our goodbyes and parted as she head back to far east while i headed down to somerset. Reached at 9 and got myself a starbucks frap.
I shouldnt be drinking it. cause its bad for my cough. But i couldnt find anything else to keep me occupied for the next 15mins while waiting for me boy.

Im impatient, yes i know. but i will sacrifice everything for him. Even if i have to wait. One hour, 2 hours. I WILL. not like i never waited before.
And yes, he dont normally knows i wait that long. *grins

im contented even if i only get to see him for 15-30mins k. =)

Tired. ADIOS
i'd give u everything that money cant buy
and i promised id be right by ur side
till the end of time.

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