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Friday, December 09, 2005

How i do manage to slack online for 6-7 hours a day and not do anything.

1. Chatting.
2. Blogging.
3. Reading blogs.
4. Check email
5. Friendster/wholivesnearyou.
6. Music

Talking about music. My current list of songs playing on repeat mode(yes they are worth downloading).

- Thoia Thoing
- In da club
- Im good
- Holiday Inn
- Goodies
- Goldigger
- Errtime
- Oye Mi Canto
- If its loving that you want
- Get Busy
- We'd be burning
- Hey sexy lady
- Sole survivor
- Girl Fight
- Run it
- 1,2 step

- Because of you
- Whole again
- Purest of Pain
- Stick with you
- Hero
- I just dont love you no more
- Emotions
- Dont forget about us
- I'd rather

- Hang up
- Push the button
- Ugly
- Dont bother
- Boyfriend
- Make me pure
- Believe me
- Here we go

I wanted to sleep early, thinking i need to wake up to work tomorrow. Then i realised, IM A FREE PERSON.

This is a very boring boring boring entry cause i have nothing to update. Other den having to call mister william up on saturady to fix my working schedule.

I have stupidly stepped on my mp3 charger 3 times already causing it to fall off the table 3 times. and i had accidentally spoilt my earphone again by stepping on it. I didnt know my earphone was dangling and i was walking and thus i stepped on it.

I am fat and clumsy. SO WHAT? cannot iszit.

should i go for klunch tomorrow with the girls?but i dont feel like singing. Besides Kbox english songs sucks.

>.< I'd rather have bad times with you
than good times with someone else.
Make me your girl.

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