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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


i am back. with pictures. THANK GOD ITS TUESDAY!!!

no im not attending rachael's solemnisation anymore. Because she said they're not inviting anybody to the ceremony cause the room very squeezy and had invited me to the bbQ instead. But i decided that i dont wanna turn up for it.



=) anyways, just to remind all of you guys how i look like.

Image hosted by

and yes while i still had my nose stud. Dont think i'd be getting it pierced again. Maybe i can try piercing my eyebrow this time. =)

And rmbr MM's bday "party"

here's just a pathetic picture of me and imms at the party.

Image hosted by
me and imms

Image hosted by

Imms, ME and jes. I duno who is the guy in yellow in the background.

Image hosted by

Me, jes and jason. Again, i duno who is that "half-man" in red in the background.

I had alcohol after that. Courteousy of Mr fazea AGAIN. =) although he always teases me, he's actually very nice to me. Because i look like his ex-gf joanne or was it joanna. Cant remember. =)

Wanna see how pretty my lashes were that day?

Image hosted by


with duo eyeshadow in purple. and my purple eyeliner. With one coat of XXL mascara(only the black).

MY lashes are naturally long and curled. =) Green with envy? ur problem. not mine. LOL go and invest in a good mascara and eyelash curler la.


oh remember the mystery of my missing glasses. how sharmain has conveniently lost it and not know how she lost it.

Image hosted by

This same stupid and blur girl, found it. Inside her bag. Apparently the bag has a hole. LOL so the specs were between the cloth and the lining. NO WONDER I CANNOT FIND IT LA

OH, my niece is sick. I feel so guilty. I think im the culprit for making people around me sick. *cries

And i came home today, and my mom was asking me " WAD HAVE U BEEN DOING. WHY ARE U COMING HOME SO LATE EVERYDAY"

I do mention that i dont talk/discuss matters with my family right.
So i told them. Im working in a restaurant now. And my younger sister came hopping to me, telling me
" everybody including daddy thought u have been at your boyfriend's house."

WAHAHAHAH I WISH. see this WISHFUL THINKING.i wanna stay at his house, he also wont allow la. That fella... *babbles and mumbles to herself..

Besides, he's working every night wad. LOL haven seen him for the longest time. Den again, guess only i miss him that much. =(

finally got the chance to wash my uniform properly. I had to hand wash and quickly dry it everyday. SO TROUBLESOME.

Busy as a bee... Xmas eve, Xmas and NYE im working. Wad a great way to end this year. WORK and more work.
But i do look forward to the xmas and ny's party. LOL and i do wanna club on nye.
"get the funk out" or foam party. ANYBODY?? any takers?


I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams...
Love me Love you

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