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Friday, December 16, 2005


im sorry.. but i must blog this out.
(other den my boy. at least his standard of english is good.)

LOL i find it EXTREMELY AMUSING when people cant spell for nuts. NO im not talking about ah lians or twigs who spell iKe tHiShhh...

im talking about serious spelling errors. I remembered there's this editing section back in primary school where its supposed to help us improve our spelling?
And we have spellling test too? DO WE NOT?

LOL i was never a 10/10 student for spelling.

Just yesterday, ahbang ( our "gay" manager" ) asked : " CAN ANYONE OF U SPELL PERSONA. Me and imms, without hesitation went " P-E-R-S-O-N-A"
yes we were the only 2 that spelled it out for him. He proceeded to asking us " single or double N, or which we both replied SINGLE N. ONE N.

If u have problems spelling words like "diarrhoea", "phlegm", "arthiritis" etc etc...
The easily-spelled-wrongly words.

It can somehow be forgiven. Though i'd still correct you. Im not from an english speaking family who speaks fluent english at home. Read tonnes of english books and watch english problems since young. Mind you, im from a chinese speaking family where EVERYBODY speaks chinese.

My english grades had been TERRIBLE. i got a B for english for my PSLE. and yes my chinese was A* and my Higher MT was distinction.

My english made improvement ( somehow ) ever since i entered phs. English speaking campaign. oh yes i still rmbr. *laughs

Read, speak, write, watch english. No im not a geek who studies the dictionary ( ring a bell???)
Neither am i somebody who tries too hard to look up the thesaurus in search of bombastic words.

Ask my friends now, my english is not FORMIDABLE. but its not lousy. At the very least, if i dont know how to spell a word, i will check up the dictionary and try my best to seek the correct spelling. It wont be nice blogging and having an entry filled with spelling errors. *shakes head

Seriously, people should really take spelling in a more serious tone. Cause, i just cant stand seeing spelling errors. CORRECTION. typo errors and inability to spell.

typo errors such as lik this.(missing E) is forgivable. Inability is spell is when u try to spell a word and it turns out looking desarstous(DISASTROUS). that's a very poor example. I simply couldnt bring myself to spell wrongly.

Im tired.

te quiero
por favor no me sale jamás
Yo realmente le adoro.
(this is spanish.)

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