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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

a good night sleep i suppose. and i miss my boy terribly la... that fella yday night didnt reply my msg..

den again, he might be busy. and that stupid jeslyn so TMM with her boyfriend. WHA LAU, you should have seen me and imms. both green with envy. HE WAITED FOR HER IN THE RAIN LA. dumb but still...



i wont wan my boy to wait for me in the rain either(not like he will anyway)..But her boy sent her TO And FRO from work. WHA LAU, 1st thing i wanna ask " WHY HE SO FREE ARH???"

HAHAHAHA sorry but im so jealous i turned evil.. HAHAHAHA

and im now sewing the buckle onto my skirt cause mr william past me the skirt without a buckle. Thank god i had bobby pins last night. Otherwise, i duno how to wear the uniform already. YES I CAN DO SEWING AND PATCHWORK. and cross-stitching too...


before any misunderstandings occur. the last para in imms entry dated TODAY(14 dec) is not referring to me la. =) because if she not happy with me, she will tell me one. =)
and even though i dont read shakespear(i find it really draggy), i READ. =) and i believe im not THAT poor in my english language(i had caucasians praising me for good english dammit)...

she's referring to obviously SOMEONE ELSE LA... alamak =)

okies and im suppose to say something else. of which i cannot remember. =(
oh yah, is everybody desperate for a date on XMAS OR WAD? there have been a SUDDEN increase in guys wanting to know me on friendster.

*shakes head. this is madness. im going to re-edit my settings again. BECAUSE im not free on both XMAS EVE And XMAS. happy anot. WHA LAU. like my xmas'2005 isnt going to be ruin enough. >.<

i really miss you
i wanna hear your voice
and feel your touch
I wanna see your smile
and feel your warmth.
I miss you.

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