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Saturday, December 03, 2005


Met up with MA and imm and ZQ at marsiling station to head down to Empress Place for our interview. Massive grooving to the songs in the train and zQ was fast asleep while listening to my mp3.

Interview was short but long. We filled up our application form and waited for a looooonng time before the William(Asst. manager) came and entertained us. *yes i noticed there's been a sudden outbreak of WILLIAMS around me and my friends.

Interview was alright 'cept that i need to dye my hair a slightly darker color. Of which i really dont mind cause my hair got color no color, no difference. O.O He was surprised that i agreed so quickly to it. LOL and he didnt even asked about my nose stud. =)

He also asked : " dont mind me asking, but is that guy your boyfriend"
*stares at him and answer :"huh? him? no la, he is not my boyfriend"


then again, i cant blame people for seeing it the wrong way. Again i emphasise that we are just REALLY GOOD FRIENDS. we said we will never date each other. LOL and we will always remain as friends. Then again, he's too sissy. *laughs

Interview went smoothly with a couple of questions here and there blah blah blah...

And then imms and MA headed down to Gleneagles while me and zQ went to BK to get him his lunch/dinner. It was on me okays. =)

I like to pamper my friends. Cause they are important to me. =) Since i can afford to treat u guys here and buy, buy u guys things here and there. Dont turn me down yah? If i have no money, i will let u guys know one. =)

Headed down to AMK to meet up with the PHS peeps. The usual 9 of us. JASE and the so called VBALL guys with garvin as well.

Joaquim(joa), Angelia(qi), XiangYing(ying), Sharmain(shar), Martin(mar), Jason(lee),ZhiGang(gang), Garvin(gar) and Mark(mark).

Dined at sumo-house(i think). Jap food that is relatively cheap and nice. =) Free flow of warm green tea too. Ate and walked around before deciding on slacking at Mark's void deck. LOL
it was supposed to be a chit-chat session for us.

Ended up the guys stupidly went to play DAI DEE while 4 gers just drink and chit chat. Then again, there's no seats for 8 pple. LOL

Headed over to Kpool soon after massive slacking and we practically WATCH them played pool. What a way to get-together. *laughs.

But its always great to see each other and know that we haven forgotten them. Its such a wonderful feeling that despite us going different roads, we are still somehow important. =)

i miss phs life. i seriously miss it.


* my stupid yahoo mail hit an astonshing 4193 emails. SPAM mails and others. I cant even be bothered to read through and i deleted everything. Yes i haven checked that account for about 1 month ++...BLOODY HELL

Sing me a song
To make me smile
Stop loving me
And it'd be hell.

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