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Friday, December 23, 2005

Finally decided to take a picture of my name tag.

Something is VERY wrong with my name tag. Take a look

Image hosted by

On a closer look :

Image hosted by

MY NAME IS SPELLED WRONGLY LA... they repaired it but didnt bother to change the name. O.O

i know the pic's a lil blur. I use my phone one la. VGA camera only. dont expect too much okay.

Wad if customers decided to praise me. Wrote in a letter to praise me stating " The waitress by the name of sharmin provided us with excellent service"

BUT THERE IS NO SHARMIN IN THE RESTAURANT. cannot right. MUST CHANGE. Besides, its only respectful to get people's name spelled and pronounced correctly.


Work's fine. I think Mr fazea has something against me. Together with fabian. Actually, i think im the centre of "di siao`ness" in the stupid resturant. Never one day can i get by without anybody teasing me.

He's still insistent on the stupid massage parlour. And said why i got attached so early, why didnt i get attached to him. LAUGHS

i was already attached when i joined the restaurant wad. HAHAHAHA he's a funny guy.

Getting his xmas present and collecting my cheque. Will head home soon after. Need to get sufficient rest for the next 2 days. Xmas and Xmas eve. I hope im not gonna make too much blunders.

Tired. i seriously miss my nose piercing. I MISS MY NOSE PIERCING TERRIBLY!!
*cries and whines.

Something is brooding me. TERRIBLY. i still haven decided if i should tell anybody. Hope the feeling goes away in due time. NO im not pregnant.

Your touch
Your voice
The look in your eyes
Makes me fall in love with you
Over and over again.

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