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Monday, December 26, 2005

Couple of comments for the day
"U look like a muslim"
"U're the wildest girl i've seen(that night)"
"Siao Char Bor"
"Monty?Nonty?"its a foreign language. I duno how exactly iszit spelled.But its meant to describe woman that's BIG yet pretty and gorgeous.
"U have a million dollar smile"

If u agree with any of the above. TELL ME please.

Work was pretty much fun. Other den the fact that due to many complications, work felt a lil uneasy for me. Farzea was happily teasing me again.
I was reminding everybody that my birthday is on 11 march. And he said " Fullerton hotel okay. U must follow me den i can give u ur your present."

And somehow, the guys are taking turns to try and ask me out. *laughs
ITS an inside joke. getit getit? bet u dont.

Was a lil mood swinging the entire day. I'd feel all hyped up and then go all quiet every now and then. Not moody, just moodless. Walked away from the crowd, sit in one corner. HAS ANYBODY EVEN SEEN ME WHEN IM ANTI SOCIAL.

I do behave like that something is bothering me really badly. like REALLY badly.

MOS on friday. =) cant wait. And den its "get the funk out" on saturday. ABANG PLEASE LET ME OFF AT 1am exactly. ON THE DOT. LOL

Mon, Wed, Fri off. shall make a trip down to bugis to ask about his game and get my organiser. =)

Met up with joa at admiralty before heading down to work. She had to meet a special someone. Hope her date was nice. I bet it is anyway.

Im tired. I miss hans terribly. Everyone's been seeing their special someone 'cept me.

Do u know how much i miss you.
Do u know how much i need you.
Do u know how much i love you.
THIS much.

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