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Saturday, December 24, 2005

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Can someone please buy me that pair of shoes and that silver clutch bag in the above pic. It's From ALDO and u can get it from the WISMA outlet. Just opposite Topshop.

I forgot the price of the shoe
But im still so in love with it.

Imms can u remember how i went gaga over the shoe and the crystals...


It's nice right? iszit not nice. U dont think its nice? SHOO SHOO FUCK OFF... its nice!!!
I need some new pumps. I don have a single pair of round toe pumps. I threw away my peep toe pumps. I hardly wear my pointed pumps.


Everyone seems to be having fun this season. Going around exchanging gifts, getting ready and dressed up for functions and parties and dinner.

ME? work. All i can look forward to is the mini staff party after work. Im starting to cough really badly again. I hope it continues to rain today. *oops. AT least just rain at the CBD area. =)

I got no money for MANOLO, so please just let me make do with ALDO. Hey it rhymes.

I love my boyfriend.

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