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Monday, December 19, 2005

can anybody tell me wad should i buy for jason ang. (he cant read this cause his modem is down).
Min $10. SO WAD CAN I BUY FOR A 16 year old guy??? Im not that close to him. Im wondering whose getting me present though. HMMMM

I hope that whoever is giving me presents, will gimme something that i like. Accessories would be most greatly appreciated.

SERIOUSLY LA, wad can i get for a guy, whom i have n0 idea wad he likes? *headache sia

Finally, the last day of my 7-nonstop working days. MY FINAL Day. LOL and within a week, already seen the worst scenario a stupid guest made. DAMN.
and william asked me last night "so,when am u going to resign"

*laughs. HEY u think i cannot take this kinda stress arh. He wan complain, complain la. not complain about me wad. Besides, the work load here is much lighter den that at CAN cafe. I HAVE NO COMPLAINS so far. Other den the extremely slippery floor which made me walk like a duck/penguin.

And did i mention that last night, after i changed out of my uniform, Basanta couldnt recognise me. LOL he said i look so pretty. *blushes.

im still considering if i should get my nose pierced again. Its such a waste. Just when im accustomed to it. It closed.

I think hans must be rejocing over it. He's probably so happy that the stud is gone. =(

Mr lawrence had just helped me with the Xmas present to jason. Thank god.

And i shall do gift wrapping today. I haven wrap all my presents. AND THE STUPID MAN FROM SLS HAVEN CALL ME. how come the shipment take so long oneeee... WHA LAU...

Im tired, and i cannot see wad im typing. So if there is any typo error. Please make do with it. If there's none, praise my good typing skills. =)

Missing you
Loving you

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